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Background not appearing on mobile.  


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19/04/2018 5:54 am  

I've searched and tried the solutions suggested on resizing background using CSS in previous threads with no luck.
The issue I'm having is when setting the background image to where I want it on Desktop, it doesn't appear on mobile.
When set to center top, the image appears, but when set to center center, it seems to be hidden, perhaps behind one of the lower sections.

This problem appears both when using the image center center in the banner section with no background, and also when using a background image with transparent banner section.

A workaround I suppose, would be to set it to center top and add padding at the top to move it down to where I want it. I can do this on simpler themes, but I tried editing what I thought were the parameters to no effect and I'm afraid I'll break the site. Maybe someone can help out with that.

Thanks for you help.

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