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Best way to update Onetone Pro  


Eric Lavoie
New Member
Joined:2 years  ago
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24/07/2018 4:03 pm  

What is the best way to update, does the update appear in the update section of WP, or do i need to do something manually?

Member Admin
Joined:7 years  ago
Posts: 2409
25/07/2018 2:40 am  

Hi, just install Onetone Pro then all settings from Onetone would be imported automatically.

Kinetic Screen
Active Member
Joined:2 years  ago
Posts: 9
26/07/2018 8:05 am  

I don't think this is the point - if I understand their question correctly, it's not about how to update from OneTone to OneTone Pro, but how to update to the latest version of OneTone - at the moment you have to download the ZIP file, unzip it, and then upload all 400+ files via FTP. It would be nice if this was handled better in the dashboard. It seems silly that the free version is easier to update than the paid version.

Ted Martin and Slawek liked
Active Member
Joined:3 years  ago
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30/01/2019 10:29 pm  

Ah, @kinetic-screen you have just answered a question for me. 

I have been trying to get an answer to problems on my website for over 18 months with no response from MAGEEWP. 

Woo-commerce files not updating, issues with other plug ins, and most recently since the wordpress update the headers on my pages are not displaying correctly. I have been very frustrated by the lack of response. 

I have just checked my one-tone pro version and I am running on 2.6.5 !!!!!  

There have been no notifications that my theme needs updating and as you say there is an update button on the one-tone theme, but not on PRO version ??? 


If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to manually update it would be very much appreciated. Off to search the support forum ...... AGAIN!! 

Very frustrated. 

Active Member
Joined:3 years  ago
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25/03/2019 3:49 pm  

If anyone can point me in the right direction on how to manually update it would be very much appreciated.

just click on the top right word <Member> and download the 'newest' version - but be warned: any version <3.x spoiled my site(s), so I for one run 2.x since this theme will never be finished...

Eminent Member
Joined:2 years  ago
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26/03/2019 12:06 pm  

I'm on OneTone Pro, Version: 3.2.5 and after I read all those comments on how the latest update to 3.5.2 crippled many sites I will stay with this release. Eventough I encounter some strange changes with the latest WP update, which now displays the title of the video in videoBG for a second...

Maybe someone has had a similar behaviour and found a tweak to hide this?


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