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HELP! desktop version is down!  


Smart Com
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27/05/2019 10:33 am  

Hi! I really need help. This morning I logged in wordpress to make some text changes on my site, but after a simple refresh of a page (I dind't change anything before doing that) the desktop visualization of my site was a messy! I think there is something wrong with the adaptive possibility of the theme because from mobile and tablet is perfect! nothing on the content is change, just I can't visualized anymore the site on the desktop version!

What could be and how can I fixed it??

Please help!

Many thanks to everyone!

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27/05/2019 12:29 pm  

Hi there! 
I saw your need and visited your website. Everything seems to be ok on the main page when I visited it. No mess at all.
If you are still experiencing a broken view of your website after multiple updates, try cleaning your temporary files and refreshing your browser. It happens A LOT.


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