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Layout Manager doesn't work  


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28/11/2017 11:25 pm  

Hi Mageewp team,

I have a big problem:
I can't use the editor anymore. I load my page, click the editor with the pen icon, the editor loads but I can't use it.
I can't click the options for the sections.

If I add a new section this section gets the number 1. The old ones are called: " of section" AND I can't click on settings in the old sections.
And I can't save a the page with a new "number 1 section" it tries to save endless.

I tried:
- loading a old version of the page from wordpress autosave
- remove all sections, update, exit and insert an old text of the page in the page editor. (sth. like: "[mpl_row _id="4297869"][mpl_column")

Theme and every plugin is up to date. I deactivated every other editor or editor plugin.

Hope you can help me, it is a lot of work to remake the page.

Thanks in advance



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