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Joseph Corsino
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25/11/2018 2:52 am  

So I switched themes because it is extremely clear that MAFEEWP doesn't give a shit about those who pay for their software. You buy it, they disappear. No support other than a forum where you may or more often than not, don't get a response. So, your left on your own to figure shit out. Bad business, will start leaving low rating wherever I can so others aren't sucked into wasting their money on this crap!

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13/12/2018 2:40 am  

Same here.

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29/01/2019 1:33 am  

Magee's last post was 6 months ago but it still says 3 days ago she responded.  My guess is that she's got issues with the editor that was included with the pro version of the theme.  Looks like were on our own.  Let me know if you guys get this issue figured out because I don't think the theme creator is going to fix it!


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