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Not Compatible with Wordpress 5  


Andrew George
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09/01/2019 3:09 pm  

In Wordpress 4, you were able to go into the regular edit mode, copy all the base64 code, and then paste it into another page. This was very useful for using the same section across multiple pages. Now, in Wordpress 5, when you go into the regular edit mode, the base64 is no longer visible. It's just a bare template that has none of your work in it. How can this be fixed?

Also, on this note, it would be awesome if you could save a section as a template. Then you could input that section into another page. Or you could choose to have a section from another page display there, and then if you needed to edit that section sitewide, it would be a cinch.

The whole base64 set up is rather frustrating and makes me want to get another theme...


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