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Onetone companion not importing pages  


Joseph Corsino
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31/10/2018 9:00 pm  

Hi. I installed onetone pro and onetone companion and when I go to companion and try to import a page, it takes about 5 seconds, I get a green check mark at the top of the page but the page doesn't import. 


Any suggestions? I'm using Onetone 3.5.1

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11/01/2019 1:13 pm  

Same problem here, onetone pro activated, and onetone companion activated, while importing a theme, nothing hapens

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22/01/2019 4:14 am  

Unfortunately tech support at Elementor stated that Magee isn't suppose to be putting the pro version with her themes.  I'm also getting the same issue and it's a result of Elementor and the WP updates.  I don't think Magee is replying to any of the posts.  The last post I saw from her was 3 months ago.  


Wordpress ratings for her themes are all complaining that she's no longer supporting her themes.  Guess were stuck with themes that don't function with the the new version of WP unless someone smarter than us finds a work around.

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23/01/2019 1:05 pm  

I'm really worried about all this. I hope the developer finds a workaround. Maybe abandoning the idea of using Elementor, making the theme more objective and lighter as it used to be and treating "child themes" as distinct and downloadable versions for Pro users.

Depending on other's resources can be terrible because they start creating mechanisms to make money out of others. In this case, MageeWP making use of Elementor's resources. Elementor changes their policy to  make money, modifies its license and it reflects in all themes adopting their plugins.

I truly hope Onetone "reinvents" itself. It used to be the best by far, in my opinion. Fortunately I still had a backup of an older version without the Elementor inconvenience. Fingers crossed.


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