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Onetone - "People" misalignment of text  


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07/04/2018 1:35 pm  

In the People Section of Onetone, before the latest Wordpress release, you had complete HTML control over the layout of the description of the people who form part of your team on a site. So, having posted avatars and built the sections with personal information and links to their LinkedIn profiles, everything looked great. Now, no matter what I try, the descriptive text remains centered - which is utterly useless and makes this section of the site look very amateurish. I've got the alignment set using <palign="left"> but it has no effect. If I delete that instruction, nothing changes.

How do we get this bit of the site to obey HTML commands?

If you want to see this in action go to and follow the menu to WHO WE ARE.

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16/04/2018 11:54 am


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