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Onetone Pro now without video background capabilities?  


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22/01/2019 3:20 pm  

I purchased Onetone Pro theme back in 2014 and I've been using it normally.

So.... The newest update removed my video background capabilities and apparently it was ported to another child theme called "Onetone Pro Classic" that needs to be PURCHASED .... Am I having a different treatment because I bought Onetone Pro years ago and now I need to pay more? Elementor simply refuses to work and my user license (theme related) seems to be useless to activate anything. I'm worried about this conduct from Magewp. Please tell me it is only a temporary failure and not something worse.

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27/01/2019 5:16 am  

The Elementor is the issue and possibly the WP update.  We're hoping that Magee actually starts responding to our requests and takes Elementor pro out of the themes.


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