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    I have problem with modal.

    I triyng to insert button shortcode in [ms_modal_content] tags but there is broken.

    [ms_modal effect="effect-5" title="Title" title_color="" heading_background="#e55d23" close_icon ="no" background="#e55d23" color="#ffffff" size="large" overlay_color="#0b0b0b" overlay_opacity="0.5" class="" id=""][ms_modal_anchor_text]
    [ms_section background_color="#e55d23" background_image="" background_repeat="repeat" background_position="top left" background_parallax="no" border_size="0" border_color="#ffffff" border_style="none" padding_top="0" padding_bottom="0" padding_left="0" padding_right="0" contents_in_container="no" top_separator="" bottom_separator="" full_height="no" class="" id=""]
    [ms_featurebox style="1" title_font_size="14" title_color="#ffffff" icon_circle="yes" icon_size="18" title="Title" icon="fa-skyatlas" alignment="left" icon_animation_type="" icon_color="#ffffff" icon_background_color="#ba4517" icon_border_color="" icon_border_width="0" flip_icon="none" spinning_icon="no" icon_image="" link_url="" link_target="_blank" link_text="" link_color="" content_color="#ffffff" content_box_background_color="" class="" id=""][/ms_featurebox][/ms_section][/ms_modal_anchor_text][ms_modal_content][ms_button style="normal" link="" size="medium" shape="square" shadow="no" block="no" target="_blank" gradient="no" color="#e55d23" text_color="#ffffff" icon="" icon_animation_type="" border_width="9" class="" id=""]......[/ms_button][/ms_modal_content][/ms_modal]

    But button inside [ms_modal_anchor_text] tags is normal.

    Url of my site

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    Thank you for your report.
    This would be fixed in next version.

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