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underline for section header is yellow!  


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27/03/2018 3:34 pm  

I need the general color theme for my wp to be dark red instead of the default yellow color. I can change the color from the customize screen, but I refresh the page: yellow!
As you can see, the underline for homepage section header, links in section latest news and in the sidebar are still yellow even though I set the primary color to dark red.

another page>

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28/03/2018 2:44 am  

Hello, I have checked the theme but not found problem as you described. Please make sure you have published the settings in customize.

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17/07/2018 11:09 am  

Make sure you clear all your cache etc as it works fine for me. There is a slight problem that if your site loads quicker than some elements of the theme, it can appear yellow and then it will quickly change to your selected colour. However, if you're still having an issue, you could use some custom css to solve it easily. Try the following:

.divider-border .divider-inner.primary {
Simply replace the '#d52b1e' with whatever hex code you want. 


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