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Using iframe embed to apply background video  


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04/04/2018 1:40 am  

Hi Onetone Team,

Please excuse me if this has already been asked - I did a search of the forums and couldn't find anyone with this specific issue.

I've just discovered that on Windows 10, Youtube has changed its delivery method to Microsoft Edge browser, to include a lot of unwanted additional video content in a "filmstrip" at the bottom of the playing video under certain circumstances. This filmstrip appears often when you click away from the website.

It's ugly. Also, we find that the youtube video takes a long time to start, then stutters during playback and is very poor overall, which I again believe is due to trying to fill these filmstrip elements with other videos from our channel.

I then switched to Vimeo, and performance was much better, but this time the Vimeo video didn't behave as I'd originally wanted it to. Instead of filling all available space in the section as a video background, it applied black bars and rescaled itself to keep the full frame in focus. We would prefer not to do this, and instead have the extra content clipped off so that the entire body page would be filled with video background, scaled so that the shortest dimension fills the page area, meaning the longer dimension would be clipped off the sides.

I also found with Vimeo that the position of the greeting text overlay raised upward and touched the header bar at the top of the screen, but we wanted it to be in the centre of the screen. This behaviour doesn't happen with Youtube, but of course we then have the quality issue of youtube streaming.
I know that a lot of these behaviours can be controlled by using iframe embed codes that are provided as an embed string by both youtube and vimeo. However, I don't see anywhere we can easily use a specific iframe embed code - it seems we are limited to the Onetone interface to enter our youtube and vimeo source locations, and then after that there is no control beyond what the UI gives us.

Can you please provide me with instructions on how I can set up an iframe using the embed code provided by Youtube and Vimeo?

Also, since many people are suffering various problems with video embedding from different sources, could you please consider introducing a generic iframe embed option in the next update, so that if we want it, we can have full control of the embedding?

Please could you get back to me with some advice?

Wordpress: 4.9.5
Onetone Pro 3.2.4
Test URL (but we're playing around with it constantly) :
Browser : Edge, Windows 10


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