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Widget changes disappear when re-loading the page  

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06/10/2017 2:21 pm  

As this question was already asked multiple times but none of the answers helped with our problem, I'd like to ask again:

Whenever we drag and drop inactive widgets to the sidebar, saving works without any issues and the changes appear on our website. But, as soon as you reload the widget page in the admin section, all of these changes disappear and the widgets you previously assigned are again listed as "inactive" below.
Trying to make changes with the accessibility mode enabled does not work at all.

Any suggestions on how to solve that problem?

Rod Johnson
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02/11/2017 10:26 pm  

I am having the same problem, I install a widget on the sidebar and it is fine, but as soon as I add to footer widgets 1 or 3, it gets wiped out. I have installed directly through Wordpress and through the Customizer, still doesn't work. Very, Very, Very frustrating.


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