3 Easy Tips to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

When begin reading this article, you may ask” Why the site speed matters”, well, this is also an important question to answer in this article. Let’s start.

Why Speed Matters

If you are a site master, you should care about some important performances of your site including: bounce rate, search ranking, conversion, page views, reader satisfaction, etc. the ultimate thing you may care about is the revenue. All these metrics are affected by site speed.


You can imagine that: when you want to buy some items on an online store, but the loading time is too long, are you patient enough to wait? When two sites sell the same items at same price but the other one loads faster, which store do you purchase the order to? I guess you will choose the faster one.


This is not only a guess, “40% of people abandon a site that takes more than three seconds to load” (This data comes from this blog: Similar cases happen every day. Fast loading time can increase the conversion, and slow loading time may lead your visitor quit your site easily.


In addition, if you know some SEO tricks, you may know these metrics affects your ranking: bounce rate, page views. These two metrics indicate the reader satisfaction of your site. And in result, they affect your search ranking at last.


So, it is easy to understand your site speed matters.


How to speed up WordPress site


There are some ways to speed up WordPress site, here I will walk you through two easy ways.

1. Using a great caching plugin

Caching is very helpful for the returning visitors. If your site gets static images, CSS and Javascript, the browser will save the caching file and easily load your pages when the users visit it again. Caching is also helpful other who visit several pages on your site.

How caching works

Caching involves storing parts of your site so they only need to be loaded once instead of every time a user visits your site.

Popular caching plugins

Some popular cache plugins works fine, such as W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, etc. Here, I would like to recommend WP Super Cache, because it is more user-friendly.


W3 Total Cache gets about 3.7 million downloads and claims to be “The only WordPress Performance Optimization (WPO) framework”; it was designed to improve user experience and page speed, and it really does. More than 3700 five star reviews showed it excellent performance.


See details here:


While WP Super Cache gets about 6 million downloads, the latest update of this plugin came on Aug.8th, 2014, which makes it compatible with the latest WordPress 3.9.2.


More details:

2. Remove slow plugins

Slow plugins can slow down your site speed. To find slow plugins, you need some other tool. Here, P3 Profile( is a good tool. With it, you can find out the slow plugins on your site by measuring their impact on your site’s load time, then remove them and find other better ones if such plugins are necessary.

3. Compress images

As is known to all, images are the largest files on a site. If they are not compressed, they will take long time to load. So, it is important to compress image before uploading them to your site.


So, till now, you get some easy tips to speed up your WordPress site. If know well about coding, you can also try some other Expert ways to speed up your site. Here I will now keep talking about those ways for that would be a quite long story.

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