Magee Restaurant

Magee Restaurant plugin is an easy-to-manage modern solution for building online menus of restaurants, cafes and other food establishments. The plugin uses default WordPress functionality. Built with woocommerce, it can help selling food and drinks online. You can create and edit menu items, use a shortcode to display it in posts and pages. It is also the perfect plugin for managing and handling orders easily.

Menu Shortcode

Use a shortcode to display menu in posts and pages, whereas each shortcode represents a menu style. Also, with variable options and index setting, menu can be displayed by different category with different interface.

Shopping Cart

Shopping Cart designed specially for restaurant usage, can be displayed on different pages with different positions. With it, customers can have a visual look on what they have chosen. Other Option setting like position and title etc, all to your liking.

Consumption Patterns

Customers can also choose for here or to go before checkout. For takeaway, fill out your addresses, if not, just check your desk number. Perfect way for you to handle your orders and save time.

Menu Ordering

Built with woocommerce contributes import of relevant product data. Therefore, while you browsing through the menu, you can simply click the order button nearside to get food you want without jumping to another page.

More Features


You can insert menu shortcode anywhere in post & page for different devices.


Rich setting options in customize, which makes your menu more variable.

Primary Color

Set the primary color for your menu with just one click.

Swipe Gallery

An abundance of pictures for your display of menu usage.

Easy to Use

An easy-to-manage modern solution for building online menus.


Compatible with both desktop&mobile version of major browsers.