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Best Free Real Estate WordPress Themes

Maybe you have already know your real estate websites are out of date. What’s even worse, you are straitened for best real estate WordPress themes to restore or thrive your real estate business. If that happened, you probably should seek help from professionals or dedicate yourselves to finding ways to solve that. Well, you shouldn’t be grateful since I’m not to help you or teach you how to solve that. They are your problems and you’d better solve them. Others can just share some good advice or information for you. In fact, I’m just here to share with you some best real estate WordPress themes. They are so gorgeous and rewarding then I made a collection of them.

To be honest, all these real estate WordPress themes are well-selected from those WordPress themes websites, famous or unpopular. Believe it or not, you will be fascinated by these feature-dense and customization-rich WordPress themes. Even, you may enamor your clients with their features of customizable advanced search options, property card or page templates, WP elements on property page features and Google Maps. If you do that, I’ll appreciate you’ve made something changes on your websites. Though the effects of these changes are not so powerful or obvious now, you’ve created stunning websites with cutting-edge design. They will reward you a more prosperous business sooner or later, I believe!

Best Real Estate WordPress Theme - Houzez

Houzez is a technologically creative, completely versatile and thoroughly responsive WordPress real estate theme. In fact, it’s a perfectly ideal solution for real estate agencies, realtors, property listings, and directories.

You may fall in love with Houzez’s features of 100% fully responsive and retina ready. Not to mention, it attracts your clients to hover over your sites with its clean, modern, creative and multipurpose design. However, in Houzez, even though you have no experience with website buildings, you can enjoy an easy start based on its page builder Virtual Composer plugin. In fact, you may totally hit the ground running with its rich WP elements and vast resources. With a multiple of header options, unlimited templates, dozens of blog layouts, great typography options, custom colors, etc. the world is your oyster in Houzez! From visually-impressive parallax backgrounds to stunning video backgrounds, you can create anything appealing or attractive to induce your clients to come to visit your websites. Well, then you can use the similar properties option to keep your clients on your websites. So spontaneous and convenient design!

Further, Houzez empowers your websites to be considerate and top-notch ones. Yes, like other best real estate WordPress themes, Houzez comes along with premium plugins and perfectly integrates with Woocommerce. Its Slider Revolution plugin helps you create gorgeous virtual effects to stand out your contents which in turn increases the commercial capabilities of Woocommerce greatly. Besides, you can add powerful Google Map option to help your visitors to browse through properties on a map easily. Of course, you can build Google Geolocation option to see the geographic location of your visitors if necessary. Last but not least, Houzez presents your a formidable Property Management System to help your business thrive.

In short, your imagination comes second and Houzez is first!

Premium Real Estate WordPress Theme - WP Residence

WP Residence is a premium real estate WordPress multi-creative and super responsive theme.

To tell the truth, WP Residence is a gorgeous theme to create subscription-based services on your websites. Most importantly, it’s an ideal option for independent agents and agencies due to its completely unique design and powerful features.

As I mentioned, the user-friendly design of WP Residence allows users to submit for a fee, for free or based on a monthly subscription. Moreover, WP Residence is a highly customizable theme which empowers you highly customize and create anything. Well, you know, a theme packed with premium WP plugins like Virtual Composer and Slider Revolution, it allows you create stunning websites in an effective way. Amazingly, you are no coding skill required.

Besides, you can make full use of its vast resources and rich WP elements for you new websites building. Don’t get stunned when you know WP Residence is a theme with 12 unique demos for your one-click stall. Not to mention it possesses a multiple of customizable advanced search options, dozens of property card and page templates for your customization and lots of WP elements on property page features. No wonder it’s so favored by hundreds of users!

Further, a premium real estate WordPress theme like WP Residence, it’s 100% fully responsive and retina ready theme. Also, it super integrates with Woocommerce, so the commercial capability would be a thing of your websites. Try WP Residence to help clients create new homes.

Responsive Real Estate WordPress Theme - Real Places

Real Places is a fully responsive WordPress theme for real estate websites. It claims to be a purpose-oriented, thoroughly flexible and highly customizable real estate WordPress theme to tailor various requirements of real estate websites.

Honestly, if you want to create a professional real estate website, you probably should give a thorough knowledge of this theme. You will feel grateful to know about this theme. Well, with decent and clean layouts, Real Places is a content-focused and detailed-oriented theme. Also, it’s a theme with lots of premium WP plugins, for instance, the famous Virtual Composer and Slider Revolution. You can enjoy a highly customize and freely flexible creation. Then, it will reworded gorgeously awesome and professional real estate websites. No need to deal with those messy codes. More encouragingly, there are over 14 high-quality demos, dozens of customizable advanced search options, tons of WP elements on property page features at your disposal. In fact, all things in Real Places are created to empower your creating process with great facility!

Apart from this, a theme like Real Places is retina and Woocommerce ready real estate WordPress theme. Hence, the commercial capability of your websites will beyond your imagination. Furthermore, your websites will be considerate and resourceful platforms if you add some practical options created meticulously by its designers. You can build Google Map to facilitate your visitors for detail distract selections and similar properties on property detail page option to retain visitors on your websites. Last but not the least, Real Places facilitate your business operation and management with its property system. Well, this system will also offer end-users a pleasant and flexible experiencing let alone its features of PayPal payment for submitted properties.

Creative Real Estate WordPress Theme - WP Rentals

There is something different in WP Rentals. Unlike other best real estate WordPress themes, WP Rentals is created as a real estate platform to enable users to publish & offer properties for daily rent. Of course, this theme also allow end-users to signup and publish their own listings, when users are making a commission for every submission or for every confirmed booking.

However, like other top real estate WordPress themes, the page builder plugin of WP Rentals enable you highly customize page layouts with vast WP unique elements and pre-set options at your disposal.

Also, the Slider Revolution plugin empowers your websites gorgeous virtually parallax effects to appeal visitors to come and hover over on your pages. In addition, WP Rentals is a fully responsive and retina ready WordPress theme, which helps you and your clients to create awesome property listings with high-resolution images and clear information.

Furthermore, you can make full use of its property system for your business thriving. In WP Rentals, every property supports highly customize every element according to your practical needs. For instance, you can customize a detailed scheme for the price in every situation such as minimum booking days, a default price per night and a flexible price per night for bookings over 30 days. Hence, you can high customize every with detail schemes so as to create a user-friendly platform. Enjoy a flexible and convenient property management with WP Rentals today!

Simple Real Estate WordPress Theme - DreamVilla

DreamVilla is a clean and simple real estate WordPress themes tailored to the needs of the real estate companies, especially to websites of promoting single property online. In fact, it is the best fit for renting or selling your apartments, villas and raw houses with the multi-pages and one page WordPress themes design.

DreamVilla enables you to create parallax effects on the interface with the help of Slider Revolution plugin. Also, you can create an end-users pleasant and convenient experiencing with its pre-made homage layout options. Besides, you can build the best features of your property pages and integrate the interactive Google Map options in an effective way with the help of Virtual Composer plugin.

Thanks to the features of fully responsive and retina ready in DreamVilla, your full-screen photos of the facilities with high resolution will always be a temptation for visitors. Not to mention it’s a theme of not only finely compatible with Woocommerce and hot links but also of SEO optimized feature. Such, attracting traffic and sharing for more people would be a thing. Renting or selling your dream villa now!

Elegant Real Estate WordPress Theme - Sweethome

Sweethome is a fully responsive and retina ready WordPress elegant, clean and simple theme. Well, this elegant theme is extremely suitable for the needs of those websites of property listings, brokers, and real estate company.

Basically, like those best real estate WordPress themes, Sweethome integrates perfectly with Woocommerce. Don’t get surprised when you see there are dozens of Property Advanced search forms, tons of options in Theme Option, a multiple of custom post types, logo, favicon, CSS, and JS.

You can make good use of these WP elements based on its premium Virtual Composer and Slider Resolution plugins. Let alone there are 12 widgets for options, 2 different blog layouts(left/right widget) and 5 sidebar areas available for your creation.

Well, if you want your websites to enter the international market, you can create multi-language ones. Sweethome is translation ready and RTL language supporting theme. Hence, your dream being internationalization are close enough to touch now!

That’s it. All of the above are the possible popular best real estate WordPress themes. If you come across any problems in best real estate WordPress templates download/install, or if you have no idea of how to start a travel blog or website, please inform us by the comment. To get more information about MageeWP WordPress themes or website building, please see our blog. Many thanks.

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