Best Free WordPress Themes for Coffee Shops

Almost all people fascinate coffee! Coffee not only helps people get relaxed but also helps concentrate on their works. Maybe that’s the reason why coffee shops are so popular with people. Whether you are businessmen or youngsters, you could make appointments with your clients or buddies at coffee shops. However, people at the office would like to book online since they barely have no time to go to coffee shops during their working hours. Hence, coffee shop websites are necessary. They help customers get to know more detailed information about cafes without going out. Of course, an awesome coffee shop website help not just to save time, and more. Further, it is not so hard to build coffee shop websites since there are in vast resources. WordPress themes are the most favorite ones.

Sharing with you best free coffee shops WordPress themes which come from different famous WordPress themes websites. All these are paid or free WordPress themes. Though the numbers of the themes are limited now, their features and functions are endless. Each of them is specially tailored to different styles and requirements and selected from hundreds of best WordPress themes due to its unique features and design. Most importantly, we update regularly and our support always will be alert to your need!

1. Best free coffee shop WordPress theme - Barista

Barista is a creative and modern WordPress theme of ThemeForest for cafes, coffee shops or bars. In fact, it’s a multipurpose and ultimate WordPress theme just for coffee business. Since Barista possesses a rich collection of versatile pre-made options, premium plugins, and formidable features, creating a stunning coffee shops website, a mere trifle if you make good use of this coffee shop WordPress theme!

1) Creative & modern design

Barista is a creative WordPress theme for coffee shops. With its creative and modern layout design, you probably never think that a cafe website could be such pleasant and creative. In fact, Barista is a detailed-oriented theme. The more you know about it, the more you’ll fascinate it. Moreover, you will find its 9 pre-made homepage options tailor to different style coffee shops. Each element or part matches with its style and could be used for different kinds of cafe situations. Though its styles or elements differ from each other, its applications and concepts are the same. That’s to create comfortable and modern coffee shop websites!

2) Premium plugins & awesome features

Barista is popular with users due to its premium plugins and awesome features.

Firstly, the drag-and-drop page builder based on Visual Composer empowers you highly customize your website layouts by just dragging and dropping the elements around the editing pages. Even though you are a person with bare website building knowledge and skill, you can deal with it with ease. Secondly, Slider Revolution help you create all kinds of image or video sliders or background effects. For example, Zoom animations or Parallax Effect on Edge Slider images are all up to you! In addition, Barista is a coffee shop template with a large collection of custom shortcodes. No matter how do you create or what do you create, this elegant WordPress theme always loads quickly yet with great features!

3) A rich collection of pre-made options

Barista is one of the best coffee shop WordPress themes which packed with a rich collection of pre-made options, WP elements, widgets. Don’t be dazzled by its 8 Homepage Examples and 3 Header types. You can carefully select your favorite pr-set ones then combine with the features of your coffee shops. In addition, you can highly customize menus, layouts, typography settings, etc, according to your own aesthetic appreciation or seek inspirations from these beautiful pre-built options. Generally speaking, it’s not easy to build an awesome cafe website. But with Barista, its vast resources, its unique but harmonious conceive, and its awesome features, it will be a guide or the inspiration for your website building. Most importantly, during the creating process, you will find creating your unique website could be such interesting. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Barista.

In brief, Barista, a creative and elegant WordPress theme, could be your inspirations for coffee shop website buildings!

Key Features?

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Multipurpose & Creative Design
  • Large Collection of Custom Shortcodes
  • Rich Collection & Pre-made Options
  • Dozens of Premium Plugins & Widgets
  • Multiple Customizable Layouts for Portfolio Lists/Blog Layouts
  • One-click Import of Demo Site
  • 800+ Google Fonts
  • Easy-to-Use Powerful Admin Interface
  • Improvement of Portability Option
  • Child Theme Included
  • Translation/Woocommerce/Retina Ready
  • Supporting Video & Image & Parallax Backgrounds
  • Responsive Editing

2. Best free coffee shop WordPress theme - Onetone Cafe

Onetone Cafe is a clean and elegant WordPress theme of MageeWP. It, especially, tailors to the needs the coffee shop websites. It’s a free child WordPress theme of Onetone Pro theme. Though it’s a one page WordPress theme, Onetone cafe has all the features of Onetone Pro.

1) Elegant & clean layout design

As an elegant coffee shops WordPress theme, Onetone Cafe is in clean and elegant layout design, which helps users put their emphasis on the main products. Thus, Onetone Cafe gives users an impression of clean and elegant WordPress themes. Such design enables customers to find out what they want in minutes when they visit your websites.

2) Packed with premium WP plugins

Onetone Cafe is a free premium WordPress theme packed with lots of premium plugins. These plugins are one of the main reasons why Onetone Cafe is favored by most users. With these WP plugins, you can highly customize and create your unique cafe shops websites.

Firstly, the drag-and-drop page editor of Virtual Composer plugin helps you create your dream coffee shops website pages with ease. Even though you are not tech savvy, you can operate this elegant WordPress theme with skill and ease.

Secondly, the Revolution Slider & LayerSlider plugins help you create stunning photos effects. You can meticulously create the interfaces of your websites with full- width slider or full- screen slider. Further, since Onetone Cafe is an elegant WordPress theme with retina ready, not only the way of display your unique photos but also the definition of your galleries are guaranteed by Onetone Cafe. Hence, you can rest assured that the photos of your coffee products are always the powerful incentives for cafe fans.

3) Practical features & harmonious design

Coffee shops are the places where people can relax themselves. Hence, coffee shops are different from those profits websites in the way of displaying their products. Coffee shop websites appreciate more the sympathy between different parts and elements. Onetone Cafe as one of the best free WordPress themes for cafes, that’s what it wants to express to the customers. In addition, the more you get to know Onetone Cafe, the more you’ll fascinate it. For example, you’ll fascinate its coffee dominant tone since you seem can smell the aroma of these coffee products. Moreover, its exotic fonts match with the colors of its coffee photos. Can’t love it more!

Moreover, since it’s one of best free WordPress themes, it takes full account of the needs of customers. Onetone Cafe is a fully responsive WordPress theme. Thus, this coffee shops WordPress theme always displays a perfect look on any devices, especially mobile friendly.

Further, it is compatible with Woocommerce, which means that create a stunning online cafe shop is just the icing on the cake! More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Onetone Cafe.

In brief, if you want an elegant and one page WordPress theme for your websites of coffee shops, Onetone Cafe could be your best choice.

Key Features?

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Modern & Elegant & One-page Design
  • Practical & Harmonious& Detail-oriented Design
  • Dozens of Premium Plugins: Virtual Composer/Revolution Slider/LayerSlider plugins/Bootstrap Framework/bb Press
  • SEO-Optimized
  • Retina/Woocommerce/ Translation/Social Media Ready
  • Dozens of Pre-made Sections/Layouts
  • Supporting Video & Parallax Backgrounds
  • Guaranteed Support

3. Best free coffee shop WordPress theme- Divi café

Divi café is one of the child WordPress themes of Divi theme Elegant Themes. Since Divi is completely a multipurpose and ultimate WordPress theme, Divi café is a powerfully ultimate and elegant WordPress theme for coffee shops websites. In fact, Divi café support almost all of the formidable and powerful features of Divi. Don’t be intimidated by it now, since you could create a completely stunning coffee shops websites if you could make good use of this best coffee shops WordPress theme. With it, the world is your oyster!

1) Versatile & elegant design

As one child WordPress theme of the most multipurpose WordPress theme, Divi café is an ultimate coffee website template. Well, no matter what kinds of your coffee shops are, small or big, start-ups or traditional ones, Divi café always creates at lease one themes for you. In addition, its elegant and harmonious design will obsess you more. Whether you are modern enthusiasts or vintage lovers, you will find there is always perfect sympathy between these awesome elegant coffee shops WordPress themes.

2) Rich collections & quickly update

Don’t be stunned by its rich collection when you come to know Divi café. With its rich collection of WP elements, widgets, pre-made options, you can carefully select your favorites then combine with the features of your products. Well, an awesome and stunning coffee shop website is born. And during the creating process, you will find creating your own unique website could be such fun and meaningful.

However, you can save your masterpieces in your Divi Library for your future use. Of course, you can share them with the Divi Community or download some beautiful WordPress themes from its Community. Generally speaking, you can make good use of Divi resources such as 46 different content elements, 20 pre-made layouts, elements for every occasion, over 200 available settings, unlimited colors, and fonts, etc, for your coffee shop website buildings.

Further, don’t forget the portability option of Divi café. You can import or export layouts or features between different Divi WordPress themes. Thus, you’ll never be lack of inspirations due to the help of incessant resources.

3) 3 main premium plugins

Whether you know the 3 formidable and premium plugins of Divi or not, you will know how powerful your coffee shop websites will be with these 3 plugins of Divi café.

Firstly, Divi Page Builder (Divi drag-and-drop page builder) empowers you highly customize your dream website layouts by just dragging and dropping the elements around the editing pages without beating any code. Secondly, the split test system of Divi Lead help improves the business operation of your coffee shops by using the split test to know more about the page viewers or sale numbers. Of course, you can use it for the improvements of your own website buildings. In short, Divi café indeed is one of best free WordPress themes for your coffee shops due to its premium plugins.

4) Update quickly

As one of best coffee shop WordPress themes, Divi café updates quickly and regularly. Each time of update will see new awesome improvements or features. Thanks to its sincere and creative designers who always would bring surprises to us. Finally, other features such as being compatible with Woocommerce, supporting video & parallax backgrounds, being super responsive to all kinds of devices, instant content & responsive editing are its highlights, too. More details and WordPress themes download question, you can visit Divi café.

In brief, Divi café indeed is an ultimate and powerful  WordPress themes for coffee shop websites!

Key Features?

  • Super Responsive Design
  • Multipurpose & Creative Design
  • Pixel Perfect
  • Rich Collection & Pre-made Options
  • Dozens of Premium Plugins & Widgets
  • Versatile & Elegant Design
  • Divi Page Builder/Divi Lead/Divi Role Editor
  • Divi Library/Divi Community
  • Improvement of Portability Option
  • Woocommerce Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Supporting Video & Parallax Backgrounds
  • Responsive Editing

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