Collection of Best WordPress eCommerce Themes

Online stores swept over every corner of the world in these years. People are more and more accustomed to buying goods without going outdoors. Thus, your commercial websites play vital roles in your business booming. Since websites, especially those awesome websites, like windows for customers get to know more about your brands and companies. However, it’s not easy for your websites to stand out of thousands of them. Especially, if yours and your competitors’ come from the same kinds of designers and WordPress themes. Hence, it’s indeed necessary for you to seek or create your unique themes or websites to impress more customers. Attracting them to convince that you are the best ones basing on your unique websites.

Well, we create this collection of best WordPress eCommerce themes due to their unique features and awesome functions among them. Though not all of them are so popular with users, they are the pure gold that just hasn’t been discovered by users, yet. Just as the saying goes: “There are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” Everyone thinks in his way. Hence, not just hot best WordPress eCommerce themes are good for you. Maybe other fresh and unique eCommerce themes are more suitable for your unique business websites.

Based on this, this collection is more tend to be the kinds of eCommerce themes that are not so hot among users but bearing awesome and unique features. Thus, this special list puts emphasis on practicability and uniqueness but epidemicity and promotion. Of course, if you do want to look through some hot best WordPress themes for business, you can visit the article Top 10 best WordPress themes for business .

Enough talking! If you happen to be those users who endeavor to seek some unique eCommerce themes, come to share with us. Though the numbers of the themes are limited now, their features and functions are endless. More importantly, we update regularly and there will be more and more! Anyway, we believe both your websites or blogs and these eCommerce themes could be the next big thing and come out on the top.

Premium WordPress eCommerce theme - H-Code

H-Code is a super intuitive gorgeously resourceful and creatively multipurpose WordPress eCommerce theme. Simultaneously, it’s a sophisticated, modern and professional WordPress theme created to satisfy the needs of all types of niches. Unquestionably, you’ll totally hit the ground running, if its vast WP elements and outstanding features are applied to your business.

Indeed, you’ll rejoice when you notice H-Code contains 31 multi-page templates and over 200 ready-to-use WP custom designed elements.

Next, H-Code not only integrates with well-known premium plugins but also is compatible with tons of famous WP plugins emphatically. For example, you can make full use of the page builder plugin and stunning virtual effects Slider Revolution plugin not to mention the Woocommerce, Contact Form 7 and Total Cache. All these plugins will facilitate your creating and help to attract traffic and increase revenue at the same time.

Definitely, you can use these elements and plugins to bring sparkles to your online shops. Besides, H-Code is a 100% fully responsive, SEO-optimized and retina ready theme. Hence, your websites will turn out to be both users and search engines friendly ones! More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit H-Code.

Clean WordPress eCommerce theme - Marketing Pro

Marketing Pro is an all-purpose and concise WordPress eCommerce theme. I shall, without reservation, recommend to you if you engage in marketing related business. Especially, from any kind of marketing to every type of eCommerce, Marketing Pro can provide a unique and functional theme to help thrive your business.

Evidently, Marketing Pro is a professional and fantastic WordPress theme for business. Before this, you can take a glimpse of its 12 gorgeous and clean child WordPress themes. Without a doubt, you’ll fascinate its design let alone its awesome features. For instance, take the case of its fully responsive, super fast-loading and retina ready features. Your websites will turn out to be consistent and high-resolution ones based on these features.

What’s more, Marketing Pro comes along with premium WP plugins. As an illustration, the Virtual Composer help you create or add any elements by just dragging and dropping these WP elements around your editing page with ease. Also, the Slider Revolution plugin empowers you to create anything with fantastically virtual effects.

To sum up, as a niche-oriented WordPress theme, Marketing Pro gives the chance for you to create a totally new online store. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Marketing Pro.

Premium WordPress eCommerce theme - Emporos

Emporos is a multipurpose, flexible, creative, and concise WordPress eCommerce theme created carefully and deliberately to increase sales. At first glance, you may fascinate its eye-catchy selling banners and photos of high resolution. Yes, just as your first impression, Emporos is indeed a solid WordPress eCommerce theme. It would induce customers to buy goods via its gorgeous pictures and awesome features.

Well, at first,you can enter its high-resolution preview demos to know more about Emporos. Though its demos are not so many as other WordPress eCommerce themes, every demos of Emporos is carefully created. Believe it or not, as you look through its every photo or even small element, you can feel the sincere and devoted hearts of designers. Creating truly practical and high-quality themes make them place more emphasis on every detail.

More importantly, this WordPress eCommerce theme makes good use of virtual and psychological effects. With retina ready and high-resolution features, all pictures of goods match each so well that they are a feast for the eyes. Even, they will induce customers to buy unnecessary goods. This also gives credits to its Slider Resolution plugin. With this plugin, you can create any virtual effects. And, Emporos is such a theme which deals well with all these virtual effects.

Maybe you won’t believe Emporos is a theme loading-fast. In fact, Emporos is compatible with lots of premium plugins, like page builders Virtual Composer, SEO optimized plugin Yoast, creating virtual effects plugin Slider Resolution, etc. All these plugins enable Emporos to be a light-weight and powerful theme. It fulfills all prerequisites to drive sales for your online stores.

Finally, Emporos is a theme of strong Woocommerce-powered commercial applicability. You know, your selling performance gives many credits to this applicability. In short, if you want a fully responsive and flexible WordPress eCommerce theme which can help facilitate your big sales or discount events, getting Emporos!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Emporos.

Best WordPress eCommerce theme - Vitrine

Vitrine is a WordPress eCommerce theme which combines buying with selling features. Since its’  a modern, clean, creative and practical design, you would find you would obsess it no matter what you are buying or selling. In fact, this theme tailors to the needs of business, eCommerce, portfolio, photography & other projects requiring a WordPress template.

With over 32 unique demos, Vitrine enables users to highly customize the page layouts or create based on its default demos. More importantly, all these demos are meticulously created according to different industry practical needs. If you take a close look at it, you will get amazed for its high-quality themes. With the features of retina ready and high resolution, all its photos display in an eye-catchy way. Since its whole styles and layouts are clean and concise, its contents are so obvious and focused.

Further, Vitrine is packed with premium plugins like page builder Virtual Composer and Slider Revolution. Such, its’ a theme enables you to highly customize page layouts and create stunning sliders effects. Moreover, it places emphasis on its balance on elements and contents. Hence, Vitrine always concentrates on its contents no matter what kinds of layouts or grids or slider effects they are.

Apart from this, Vitrine possesses a strong Woocommerce-powered commercial applicability. Like I mentioned before, Vitrine is a content-focused WordPress eCommerce theme, so the shopping parts are its core competence. Vitrine puts great efforts on the design of showcasing goods. For instance, six different product details for different purposes, product detail featured video, product detail Zoom effect, etc. You would admire its considerate creating purposes anyway.

Finally, like other best WordPress eCommerce themes, Vitrine is fully responsive and SEO optimized design. Besides, it is compatible with lots of social media, which facilitate all the sharing functions. In short, if you don’t know clearly what kind of WordPress themes for your business, get Vitrine. There are no mistakes!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Vitrine.

Clean WordPress eCommerce theme - Eva

Eva is minimal WordPress eCommerce theme with the clean, elegant, trendy, content-focused and sleek design. therefore, this theme is more suitable for small online shops which put emphasis on their core products.

The main highlight about Eva is its functionality and features won’t overwhelm you with versatile options. It just offers what you want and gets rid of any other superfluous. Unlike other muti-concepts WordPress eCommerce themes, Eva is a one page WordPress theme for business with strong purposiveness. Of course, it can be applied to any niches but just limit to one special kind of them one time. Hence, if the customers visit your shops with a clear purpose, these kinds of WordPress eCommerce theme would easily facilitate their transitions.

Furthermore, with a smooth and pleasant, fully responsive and seamless end-users experiencing design, Eva creates more merits to your online shops. Since it’s a super responsive and retina ready theme, its elegant and fresh elements and content-focused design is well integrated. It turns out a feast for the eyes and an effective tool for you displaying your goods. In short, if you are the kinds of small online shops selling only some competitive products, Eva would help you to stand out from the crowd!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Eva.

One Page WordPress eCommerce theme - BiShop

BiShop is a modern and clean WordPress eCommerce theme. To be more precise, it’s a one page WordPress eCommerce theme with a responsive, concise, and creative design. In fact, this theme fully tailors to the needs of small online stores or blogs.

With its 3 exotic and unique demos, BiShop proves that why it’s one of best WordPress eCommerce themes by its modern and professional and unique design. However, BiShop is not a theme just focus on its appearance but on its practical functions.

For instance, the integration of quick view product popup and product filtering options integrate with fully integrated Woocommerce features. All these considerate designs are from the perspective of customers so that to create a pleasant end-user experience.

Apart from this, BiShop is a theme with fully responsive and retina ready design. Hence, your online stores always perfectly display in front of customers. Moreover, your shops will be SEO friendly ones and rank top on all kinds of search engines since BiShop is SEO Optimised with Solid code.

Well, if you want your shops to go to international markets, BiShop can satisfy your needs with its translation ready and social media features. In a word, if you want a modern and creative one page WordPress theme for business, giving a try at BiShop!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit BiShop!.

Creative WordPress eCommerce theme - Artemis

Artemis is a creative WordPress eCommerce theme with modern, clean, unique, sleek, perfect pixel and mufti-concepts design. Generally speaking, a theme like Artemis with multipurpose design and unique point of view would be very popular. But in fact, it’s not. It’s like a pure gold buried in the ground.

As other best WordPress eCommerce themes, Artemis is packed with premium quality WP plugins. Firstly, you wouldn’t feel new about the page builder Virtual Composer which so hot among WP plugins. This plugin, you know, helps you highly customize every element of your page layouts. Even though you are the ones who just get to know WP, you would soon operate it with skill and ease.

Secondly, you can create any slider or parallax effects with this Slier Revolution plugin. Whether video sliders or full-screen background sliders, you can create them according to your practical needs and aesthetic appreciation.

In addition, Artemis is a fully responsive WordPress eCommerce theme and live customizer with retina ready. Hence, you can select your favorite grid to showcase your merchandises. Well, a website showcasing the merits of your merchandises to the limit so that induces customers to buy what they need would be a thing.

Moreover, you can make the most of its versatile resources. With 12 unique demos, unlimited colors, different landing and product page layout styles, menu styles, dynamic shop sidebars, dark or bright color schemes, Artemis empowers you to create your truly demanding websites in an effective and creative way.

Apart from this, the Woocommerce-powered commercial applicability of Artemis would help you surpass your competitors with skill and ease let alone its SEO optimized and fast-loading features. Try Artemis on your new shops!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Artemis.

Simple WordPress eCommerce theme - Scalia

Scalia is a multipurpose wordpress eCommerce theme for business, online shops, one page websites or blogs. Tell you the truth, Scalia is extremely awesome and versatile WordPress eCommerce theme, if it’s applied to eCommerce websites or blogs.

Scalia claims to cover all online niches with its over 150 unique demos. Don’t be astonished if you look through its 5 built-in unique designs for any taste. Completely versatile and creative themes! However, though it’s a mufti-concepts WordPress eCommerce theme, it’s a theme that every small element is meticulously designed. That’s to say, every element in its different demos matches each other but not just integrated to be a new demo. Hence, if you carefully look through its demos, you would find that every one of them tailors to different unique styles and needs. Totally amazing theme!

Apart from its multipurpose and creative design, Scalia is packed with dozens of premium WP plugins. With retina ready and fully responsive features design, Scalia always displays a perfect ultimate look on any devices. Moreover, its Virtual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins enable you to high customize your page layouts and create any gallery, video or animations effects based its vast WP resources and elements. Furthermore, Scalia is a theme of SEO ready. Hence, it could be a thing for it to ranks top on all kinds of search engines then attracts traffic and increases revenue. In short, Scalia is one of the giants of all these awesome WordPress eCommerce themes and would empower your business to go further than you could think! More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Scalia.

Beautiful WordPress eCommerce theme - Simple & Elegant

Simple & Elegant is a WordPress eCommerce theme that is created carefully and deliberately to achieve the effects of simpleness and elegantness. At first glance, you may think it’s just a simple and elegant WordPress eCommerce theme. But as you know more about it, you would feel amazed at its crafted design.

Though Simple & Elegant is a one page WordPress theme for business, its streamlined trim and Woocommerce-powered commercial applicability enables it to go far beyond users’ needs. In addition, you would fascinate that its premium plugins combine with practical and creative aesthetic concepts. Well, you could experience its awesome features and unique aesthetic concepts with one-click install.

Simple & Elegant is one of the best responsive WordPress eCommerce themes. It looks perfect on any devices, which has been carefully tested this feature. Moreover, it’s a live customizer and its pages builder plugin enables you to highly customize every element with skill and ease. In short, as this theme claims that life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. The same as Simple & Elegant. Though this WordPress eCommerce theme is simple, you could make it complicated and awesome! More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Simple & Elegant.

Premium WordPress eCommerce theme - You

You is a multipurpose WordPress eCommerce theme with a modern, slick, creative, beautiful and practical design. Well, this theme tailors to the needs of business, eCommerce, portfolio, photography & other projects requiring a WordPress template.

With over 20 demos, You enables users to highly customize the page layouts or create based on its default demos. Since it’s packed with premium demos, users can create their dream websites or portfolios in the quick and creative way. For example, the Virtual Composer plugin enables users to highly customize each element without much code skill required. The Slider Revolution plugin empowers all kinds of stunning gallery or animation effects. Well, as for its multipurpose and innovative design concepts, users could find this theme perfectly blends its concepts and aesthetic appreciations into all these patterns and elements.

Furthermore, You as one of the fully responsive WordPress eCommerce themes, it’s fast-loading and 3D virtual design. Hence, You indeed an end-users experience-friendly WordPress eCommerce theme. Besides, You is a live editing feature theme. Users could see modifications in the blink of an eye. With its unique and flexible features design, You also could be a functional online shop. Bearing strong commercial capabilities powered by the industry standard WooCommerce e-Commerce plugin, You surely could attract traffic and increase revenue in short time. Of course, social media in You would help users to share their products and information which in turn help to enhance their business.

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit You.

Top WordPress eCommerce theme - Apress

Apress is a creative and modern WordPress eCommerce theme. In fact, this theme is more suitable for portfolios which are with beautiful, creative, slick and trendy design.

The main highlight about Apress is its Parallax visual effects. With more than 75 demos, Apress devotes itself to seeking ways of bringing your portfolios alive. Attracting potential audience to your portfolios based on its great pixel feature, a multiple of unique grids and layouts and vivid 3D virtual animation and transition effects. A smooth and pleasant, fully responsive and seamless end-users experiencing design would help you attract surely not just traffic, and more. In short, look through all demos carefully, you would totally fascinate not just one! More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Apress.

Responsive WordPress eCommerce theme - Kallyas

Kallyas is a multipurpose and professional WordPress eCommerce theme, which especially tailors to the needs of business websites or blogs. Whether you search for a personal or corporate business WordPress theme, you can find an ideal solution in Kallyas.

With its over 85 demos, Kallyas proves that why it’s one of best WordPress eCommerce themes by its multi-concepts and professional and unique design. Maybe you cannot get its intriguing parts before you get to know more about it. Well, by combining its premium WP plugins with professional industry knowledge and creative and trendy aesthetic appreciation, Kallyas proves itself to be the pure gold and turns out your websites or blogs to be stunning ones with strength. Its page builder, slider effects, and commercial plugins would help you create awesome websites or blogs in an effective and creative way. Hence, attracting traffic and enhancing business is a must. Of course, you could seek inspirations by standing on this WordPress theme giant to go further. With Kallyas, means you possess its vast WP resources and creating concept at your disposal and learning from.

Furthermore, Kallyas is a theme with fully responsive and SEO optimized features. Besides, with retina and translation ready options, you could highly customize every small detail of your sites based on its Virtual Composer and Slider Revolution plugins. Hence, an aesthetic and practical professionally website or blog or portfolio is created without much code skill required. In a word, with Kallyas, the world is your oyster!

More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Kallyas.

Best WordPress eCommerce theme - Fi-Print

Fi-Print is a modern and creative WordPress eCommerce theme with clean and mufti-concepts design. To be the truth, Fi-Print is a high performance and SEO optimized WordPress eCommerce theme. Moreover, you can highly customize your page layouts based on its two page builder plugins Visual Composer and SiteOrigin. Totally a creative and quick way to create a new awesome website with little code skill required. Apart from this, you can create a stunning gallery and all kinds of slider effects with its Layer Slider plugin. Of course, if you prefer a video slider or animation effects, you can create them with skill and ease.

Moreover, since Fi-Print is a live customizer, you can see real-time creating or modifications. In addition, Fi-Print is flexible WordPress eCommerce theme bearing powerful commercial capacity. For example, with its streamlines charts and graphs, eye-catchy numbers, vivid animation, and transition, Fi-Print is a WordPress theme empowering professional business websites. Of course, you can look through its 3 homepage demos and experience its 6 one-click demo installs to know more about it personally. Otherwise, you could understand why it’s better for small companies websites rather than big ones. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Fi-Print.

Best WordPress theme for business - North

North is a bold and clean WordPress eCommerce theme for business. With great pixel, North places its emphasis on layouts, typography, practicability, and user experience. In fact, North is regarded as one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes due to the way it combines its features with practical concepts.

First, North is packed with practical and premium WP e-Commerce plugins such as Table Rate Shipping, WooCommerce PDF Invoice, Dynamic Pricing & Discounts and Product Filter let alone all kinds of variations of the WPML plugin. Hence, online selling, attracting traffic and increasing revenue could be a thing.

Secondly, North enables you high to customize every aspect of your websites in way of creation and effectiveness based on the Virtual Composer plugin.

Thirdly, creating a website with great effects and animations by making good use of the Slier Revolution plugin. Thus, a bold and eye-catchy words combing high-definition images with great effects then adding to a clean and orderly layout page. Well, you probably never know that creating stunning and awesome websites could be such easy.

Finally, North is a fully responsive WordPress eCommerce theme, especially mobile friendly. Hence, it can work smoothly on any device. Moreover, North is compatible with SEO Yoast Plugin and has the feature of SEO optimization. Thus, your website would both user and SEO friendly one basing on this premium WordPress eCommerce theme. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit North.

Clean WordPress eCommerce themes - Handmade

Handmade is a clean and fresh WordPress eCommerce theme. This theme is more suitable for those websites that their products or services are manual-focusing. With 8 pre-set demos combing with premium plugins like Visual Composer and Revolution Slider, Handmade expresses its uniqueness and specialties through its uniquely purposeful creation and detailed-oriented design. In addition, you would be fond of its strong practical WooCommerce-powered commercial capabilities let alone its One-stop design. Can’t love it more!

Moreover, Handmade is a responsive WordPress eCommerce theme for business websites. With the feature of fast loading and one-click installation, Handmade enables you to create end-users experiencing websites. In short, if your business is the kind of crafted handiwork, maybe Handmade could showcase the unique features of your products or services. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Handmade.

Best eCommerce WordPress  theme - April

April is a flexible and responsive WordPress eCommerce theme. This theme puts emphasis on a good lifestyle so those life-oriented online stores are more suitable for this elegant WordPress WordPress theme.

You could appreciate its demos through its flexible and minimalistic previews. Then you find that each demo is for different life situation with its relevant design concept. With retina ready features and Slider Revolution plugin, April enables you to highly customize the way you showcase your galleries or merchandises. Further, with the help of Virtual Composer plugin, you can customize the websites page layouts of your dream with little code skill required. Of course, you can seek inspirations from its over 16 homepages, 8 shop pages, and 8 product pages demos.

As one of the best WordPress eCommerce themes, April tailors to the needs of end-user experiencing. Since it’s one of the top WordPress eCommerce themes of 100% responsive and quick loading, April satisfies the pursuits of simple, elegant, flexible and people-oriented websites. Try it at your booming shops, maybe it’s the best WordPress eCommerce theme you’ve been looking for. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit April.

Elegant eCommerce WordPress  theme - Plantmore

Plantmore is a green and clean WordPress eCommerce theme for plant shops including all kinds of ornamental plants. In fact, it’s a super responsive WordPress eCommerce theme with awesome features.

Though it’s an eCommerce theme, which specially tailors to plant eshops, it’s a clean but crafted WordPress eCommerce theme. Plantmore has its own brand Logo Slider. Of course, you can customize your unique logo slider according to your aesthetic and products features. Besides, since it’s a fully responsive and mobile optimized WordPress eCommerce theme, you can highly customize your page layouts based on its Virtual Composer plugin in a creative and effective way. Of course, you can mix some delicate and fresh elements into your creation. For example, some beautiful fonts or colors to mix and match your websites.

Furthers, you can make good use of the Slider Revolution plugin to create great slider or gallery effects. Hence, it’s so awesome and charming that all these awesome features combine with practical pattern design, such as Daily Deals with timer countdown, Product Tabs with sliders, etc. Hence, a fresh, elegant, slick, user-friendly website is created in a professional way. But no relevant website building or codes experience required. In short, Plantmore is a flexible and clean eCommerce WordPress theme possesses awesome features more than I’ve mentioned. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Plantmore.

Simple WordPress theme for business - Merchandiser

Merchandiser is a modern WordPress eCommerce theme with retina ready. Its highlight is its profound ability dealing with eCommerce and smooth & friendly user-browsing experiences.

In Merchandiser, with the help of the Virtual Composer plugin, you can highly customize your unique website pages in every aspect. In addition, with the live Customizer, you can see every modification instantly without preview button. Thus, Merchandiser empowers you a fully real-time and freely customize creating process. More importantly, Merchandiser would turn out to be a modern, appealing, seamless website with smooth and pleasant end user-browsing experience.

Like other best WordPress eCommerce themes, Merchandiser is a super responsive WordPress eCommerce theme. Besides, you would fascinate not only its mobile-friendly Off-Canvas Shopping Cart but also the Off-Canvas Quick View, which are convenient for customers to scan individual product details clearly and quickly.

Finally, with the features of SEO-friendly, Merchandiser is a content-focusing and one-page WordPress eCommerce theme. Have a try at it, you may find it has more awesome features that I’ve mentioned if you are minimal enthusiasts. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit Merchandiser.

Best WordPress theme for business - POFO

POFO is a colorful and clean WordPress eCommerce theme. In fact, it’s more like an artwork since the way it showcases the products is so natural and aesthetic. Of course, if you are clean and elegant WordPress eCommerce themes fonders, you can create your style websites or blogs basing on its clean and elegant demos. Because POFO is a multipurpose and creative WordPress eCommerce theme created to satisfy all kinds of needs.

With retina ready, POFO is a theme possessing more than 40 demos. Well, it’s not just a best eCommerce WordPress theme but the theme that could be any kind of websites or could display your websites in any creative way.

Moreover, with its premium plugins, POFO enables you to highly customize your websites in a quick and effective way without code skill required. Besides, you could make good use of its pre-set elements and options for your creating or to seek inspirations when you get trapped during your creating process. In short, the more you know about POFO, the more you will rely on and obsess it. More details and WordPress themes free download question, you can visit POFO.

That’s it. All of the above are the possible popular best WordPress eCommerce themes. If you come across any problems in WordPress eCommerce templates download/install, or if you have no idea of how to start an eCommerce blog or website, please inform us by the comment. To get more information about MageeWP WordPress themes or website building, please see our blog. Many thanks.

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