Onetone Updates: Slider and Background Video Options Added

Yesterday, we updated the Onetone free WordPress theme. This update mainly fixed a bug and added two new features.


The bug: Stop sections where they should stop


Many users said the when click the section title in the header menu, the section scrolls a little far away. It is a little annoying. This update has fixed the bug. When hit the section title, it will stop at right the place where it should stop.


Two new features: slider and background video for other sections


Backgound video for another section. Some Onetone users want to add background video to other sections rather than the first section. This update solved this problem. Users can choose to add background video to any ONE section, which means, in the homepage, you can only add one background video; the video is not limited to the Section 1, but you can set the background video for any other section.


Slider. The new version Onetone theme supports slider. Users can choose to display slider or video in the first section now.

video background


About Onetone: Onetone is one of the most popular free WordPress themes on Magee; its cool one-page homepage design is very good for business, portfolios, and other uses.

About the author: Magee

14 comments to “Onetone Updates: Slider and Background Video Options Added”

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  1. V-Jake - Sep 20, 2014

    Is the theme WP 4.0 proof?

  2. harm - Sep 21, 2014

    Hi, I have problem that (1)
    * the social icons on section1 are positioned under each other instead of next to each other.
    * ‘cras’ follows ‘SRIANS’ to the right, there is no new line between the two.
    (2) ‘Service 3’ wraps under ‘Service 1’ though enough horizontal space is available.
    Version 1.2.8
    Kind regards

  3. mediacioninternacional - Sep 25, 2014

    This update made my section one to stop a bit too far away when accesing the page or even when accesing section one “Home”.
    I can’t figure out why

    • Magee - Sep 26, 2014


      sorry for the inconvenience.
      We have modulated the position of the header, so there would be some differences.
      If you want the section to be shown as the last version, you may need to add a bigger padding-top to section one.
      Add this code to custom css.
      .banner-box {
      padding-top: 80px;

  4. kobushi - Oct 02, 2014


    I have a question how to add MEDIA BUTTON to the admin option > Home Page > on top of editors.



    • Magee - Oct 08, 2014

      Hi, as default, sns buttons are written in section one as html code.

  5. Dereck Noom - Oct 07, 2014

    My header doesn’t work on my mobile samsung s3?

    • Magee - Oct 08, 2014

      Hi, please download the newest version from our site.

  6. raychilly - Nov 09, 2014

    When I click on a section title in the header menu, the section scrolls to the right place but the next section title gets highlighted. E.g. if I am looking at the Home section, About Us is highlighted??

  7. - Oct 30, 2015

    I purchased Onetone and have searched through the CSS but can’t find where I can change the rollover colour on the dropdown submenus. Could you let me know thanks.

  8. ANTONIO B DE CASTRO - Jan 19, 2016

    Efetuei a compra do Tema em setembro de 2015,
    posso fazer a atualização (update) para essa nova versão?
    Aguardo a resposta.

  9. Roberto Carlos Turrubiates Barbosa - Mar 08, 2016

    Hello, I have the pro onetone, when I put a video background youtube is not displayed, only the audio of the video is heard

    • Roberto Carlos Turrubiates Barbosa - Mar 08, 2016

      by the way, on the local host, the video is displayed without problems

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