Advantages and Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

So far, there are hundreds of free WordPress themes out there. The potential bloggers and websites owners can find the best one for them from different sites. Generally, many WordPress theme developers create free themes only for fun; on the other hand, many Premium theme providers and WP-related blogs may release free themes to attract their visitors.

If you are only a blogger, it is safe to use a free wordpress theme, but if you are to run a small business site, in order to build a safe site which can bring you maximum benefit, you need to be careful when you choose a free theme or even a free premium wordpress themes. Before make your decision, there are something you need to know about Free WordPress thems. And here, this article will show you some advantages and disadvantages of Free wordpress themes.

Advantages of Free themes:

1. Free
Firstly, Free themes do not cost you anything, you can simply download the theme you want and start using it. While a premium theme could be very expensive, and if you purchase one but find it is not exactly what you need or it does not work well with some plugins, it may be difficult for you to get back your money if your want to return the theme to the developer.
2. Support
Though Free WordPress themes are free, users can also find good support about the queries. Many developers respond to queries and comments in forums. In addition, you can always get great support from WP Codex and official forums. Mageewp is also a place where you can get support.
3. Plugins
Just like that there are so many free wordpress themes, there are many plugins and configuration settings that they support. If a plugin does not work with the theme you choose, you can simply find another one, and you can report the issue if you would like to help other who meet the same problem. With Premium themes, however, due to smaller user base, the process takes some extra time.
4. Experimentation

However, this can be expensive if you are using a premium WordPress theme. You can download as many free themes as you like to find the one you need. You can experiment them until you find the best free wordpress themes that best suit your needs.

Disadvantages of Free WordPress Themes

1. Some free themes may not work properly as they do not come with warranty or assurance of working.
2. Update is not as great as that of Premium themes.
3. Not unique and you can find many similar Free themes look like each other.
4. Not well-coded, which may make your site vulnerable or hard to rank high.
5. Spam links: Some free themes may come with spam links. The safest way to download free themes is to download from reputed provider.

About the author: Magee