Top WordPress SEO Plugins to Increase Rank

It is very easy to create a wonderful website using WordPress since there are hundreds of free WordPress themes available. With the free WordPress themes, you can create the sites according to your preference. However, free themes has their limitations, for example, they lack some SEO plugins.

To make your site get good ranking in Google, SEO is very important. And to a WordPress site, SEO plugins are necessary when you finish your website. This article will list three best WordPress SEO plugins which is helpful to ranking.

The Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

1. SEO Ultimate

Meta title tag and Meta description

Many free WordPress themes even free WordPress themes for business do not include the Meta title options, which do not allow you to add meta title to your post. As is known to all, the Meta title is the most important to dominate the Google rank, so, it is necessary to add Meta tag to every post in your site for better ranking. Like Meta title, Meta description is also very important to SEO ranking.

SEO Ultimate plugin provides you the option to rewrite Meta title and description to rank better in Google. It puts your post titles at the beginning of the <title> tag for improved keyword SEO and allows you to edit the <meta> description tags for posts, pages, attachments, categories, tags, post format archives, and the homepage.

Aside from these functions, the SEO Ultimate makes it possible to set your post’s visibility to Google. It allows you to add “noindex” tag to your post to tell the search engine not to index this post. This feature is very helpful when a site has a lot of pages the owner want to delete the posts without to submit request to Google in webmaster. Along with this feature is the Nofollow feature. Users can add Nofollow attribute to the post to make all links in the post Nofollow to avoid transfer SEO juice.

Other features:

Deeplink Juggernaut,Open Graph Integrator,Rich Snippet Creator,Webmaster Verification Assistant, and more

2. Related posts

This is another WordPress plugin. It allows you to add related posts to the bottom of a post to direct the audiences to other related articles so as to keep the visit time longer. As is known to all, visit time is an important factor used by Google to consider a website good or bad: the longer each visitor stay in the site, the better the site is.

Another important feature of this plugin is that it can link related articles to improve the inner optimization, which is also helpful to rank in Google.

3. Custom Permalinks

With this plugin, you are allowed to customize URL of any post, page, tag or category to anything you want. Custom Permalinks gives you ultimate control over your site structure.

Do not know how to find these plugins? Go to your WordPress Dashboard->Plugins->Add New, then you can input the plugin name to search the SEO plugin for WordPress, and then install the plugin and active it. You’ve successfully add a new plugin to your WordPress theme.

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