One-page WordPress Theme with Video Background – An Upgraded Onetone

We are happy to find out that Onetone (Version 1.0.7), our latest free one-page business WordPress theme, has over 3000 downloads in within two weeks time from its publication. Thanks for your supports. In return, we will improve its functions step by step, and today I’m going to tell you that an upgraded Onetone (Version 1.1.0) has been updated on our Mageewp. A trendy new function has been added to this latest version – Video Background.

Instead of previous static image exhibition in the Top Banner Section, the upgraded Video Background makes your homepage more animated and eye-catching. Moreover, you can not only add video background for the top Banner, but also do the same thing to every other section if you like.

If you like this new version of Onetone, do not hesitate to download it freely from Onetone-Theme.  For those who have already installed Onetone (Version 1.0.7), you have to delete it first and download a new file to install again.

Now let’s have a look at how to apply this fantastic function in your WordPress admin panel.


1. Get a YouTube Video ID

A YouTube Video ID is a series of numbers appears in the permalink. See the red box area on the above picture. If you want to display your own video, you have to upload the file to YouTube first and get the YouTube Video ID.


2. Add video background in Onetone Option

Go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Onetone Option, navigate to Home Page. Click on Section 1 to extend the menu. Type in the YouTube Video ID in the “Section Background Video” box, and save the setting.

If you want to add video background for other section, the process is the same.

The process is really easy, right? Why not have a try now? But we have to remind you of one thing that the video play requires high network speed. Make sure you need this effect exactly; otherwise it will slow down the speed of your site.

Enjoy the new Onetone, our latest free one-page business WordPress theme with fashionable video background. Welcome to share with us your experience.

About the author: Magee