Onetone WordPress Theme 1.9.3 Updated

No theme is perfect, we believe in the development of each theme and thus when we put up with one new optimization idea this week. Here presents what’s new in our Onetone theme.

Button dislocation bug for slideshow fixed

Button options for slideshow was set in the caption area for version 1.9.2, and due to net causes or something else, the button may be dislocated sometimes.


slider-a It may go like this sometimes slider-c

We now optimized it as independent option setting.



It goes like this


Text bug specificated, capitalizes the first letter of words for the dropdown list.

For example cb

Video background bug fixed

Once you set video background for banner section, each time you open the site, due to the loading time, the video background may not come in to sight immediately.

Before, just blank


Now, with a picture


Footer copyright options added

footer Users can add copyright info for their needs, just next to the ‘Designed by MageeWP Themes’ line. footer-a  

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