How to Advertise on Your WordPress Blog

When you build a WordPress site, you may need to promote one or two of your products in the sidebar of your blog. So, how to do this? This article will show you some clues.

To add an advertisement to your sidebar, you can simply add an image widget to the sidebar; and if you need add more, just add more repeat this operation. Below is how.

Step 1. Add image widget
As most free WordPress themes do not have image widgets in the dashboard by default, you need to add this widget yourself. Here I recommend your download one from You can also search one in the plugin.

1. Download the image widget here:
2. Install and this widget to your WordPress theme:

“In your WordPress administration, go to the Plugins page
Activate the Image Widget plugin and a subpage for the plugin will appear in your Manage menu.
Go to the Appearance > Widget page and place the widget in your sidebar in the Design”

If is allowed, you can also directly search the widget in your dashboard:
After choose the widget, install and active it.

Step 2. Upload your image
Next, you can upload your image to the sidebar. Remember that, you need to resize your image before posting to the sidebar. For example, if your sidebar’s width is 300px, you need to customize your images’ width to be 300px. In addition, you need to set the height and width in the image widget manually.

Step 3. Add image property
After you upload your image, you need to add more details to the image, say, the caption, the link to the product page, and the title.

Step 4. Save and publish the advertisement
After you finish all steps above, you have finished an advertisement on your WordPress blog.

Note: Not all free WordPress themes works well with the image widget, so, before you build a WordPress site, choose a business WordPress theme carefully, some free premium WordPress themes for business can be your good choice, however, if your budget permits, you can choose a premium WordPress theme for business, since you can get better support if there is any problem with the theme.

To put ads on WordPress blog, you can also embed a SWF video in the sidebar. As for how to put SWF ads to WordPress site, I will talk in another post.

About the author: Magee