Three Plugins to Optimize Your WordPress Sites for Mobile Devices

As smart mobile devices become popular, using mobile devices to access internet becomes part of people’s daily life. Research shows, about 2/3 cell phone users access internet via their phone, among this group, 1/3 (34%) of the cell phone users access internet Mostly using their phones. This data tells us that audience from mobile devices cannot be ignored if you are running a website.


If your site is not optimized for mobile devices and cannot bring good experience to those mobile users, you are losing a large number of visitors.


In order to expend your audience reach to the mobile ends, you need to make some efforts to optimize your site for mobile devices. Luckily, many great free and premium plugins can help us make it easily without tons of coding works.


In this article, I will introduce two most popular mobile optimization plugins for WordPress.


1.  WPtouch Mobile Plugin



This plugin is one of the most mobile plugins. So far, it gets more than 5.8 million downloads. So many people’s choice should not be wrong.


This mobile plugin for WordPress can automatically generate a mobile-only theme and display it to the mobile users only, which makes the content on your site easy to read on mobile devices.


Another important outstanding feature of this plugin is that it is very easy to use; users can custom the mobile theme without any difficulty. This plugin allows users to set blog post number in the list, recent post, theme colors, typography, footer sharing links, and more. The admin page includes almost everything you care about on the mobile devices.


The WPtouch Mobile Plugin Free provides only one theme for mobile; if you need more themes and more features, you can upgrade to Pro. Then you will get up to 6 themes and access to more extensions. The Pro version starts from $49 for a single site.



2. iTheme Mobile


iTheme Mobile is a premium mobile optimization plugin for WordPress. It is powerful yet simple to use.

Giving away extensive customization, Mobile adopts “Drop and go” setup method. It provides mobile-ready themes and lets you change basic style and color schemes for your mobile theme. Only the content from your posts and pages will be displayed on mobile devices when you use this plugin


Features of this plugin include a mobile theme style manager, a built-in custom header uploader, four themes for mobile starter and the ability to create your own, the option to assign different themes for different devices.


3. Any Mobile Theme Switcher


This plugin offers an easy way to switch your original theme to the mobile theme you selected when it detects a user visit your site using mobile device. With this plugin, you can choose one theme for iPhone, one for Android devices and another for Windows phones.


Any Mobile Theme Switcher is a lightweight plugin, though, it provides some optional settings, including how long the mobile theme is displayed for and whether to show the mobile-version of the site to desktop users.



After checking such king of mobile plugins, you may have found the best plugin for your site. On my part, I will choose WPtouch Mobile Plugin Free because it is free and easy to use. Anyway, you can choose the one you prefer, after all, features counts more.

About the author: Magee