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Many people choose WordPress for its simplicity, but stay for the community. I can’t think of many other online tools that rival it for the sheer size and friendliness of its user base, and willingness of that user base to share solutions.Within the community some people stand out for their contribution, going the extra mile, or just sheer charisma.

After my recent post picking out some awesome women in WordPress, I have been thinking about showing you some excellent men in WordPress, after all, for some equality reason.

Here I present some of the most interesting men in the WordPress world today. Hope you like it!

Aaron Campbell-Aaron has over fifteen years of web development experience. He has been
a regular contributor to WordPress for the last eight years, and even co-lead the WordPress 3.6 release. Aaron has worked with clients ranging from
small local businesses to Google, Yahoo, Disney, and Harvard.

Brandon Kraft-Developing websites since 1996 and blogging since, Kraft works at Automattic, focusing on the Jetpack plugin and WordPress VIP. On the side, he is an author at the 365brew beer blog and advises for Austin Catholic New Media. Married with five young daughters, you can follow Kraft on Twitter (@Kraft) and on his personal site.

Brian Messenlehner-Brian, a former Marine Corps software developer is the
Co-Founder of WebDevStudios.com, Co-Founder of AppPresser.com,
Co-Author of Building Web Apps with WordPress and runs the New Jersey
WordPress meet up group. Brian loves using WordPress as an
application framework for building cool websites, e-commerce solutions, social networks and mobile applications.

Chris Lema-Chris Lema is the CTO and Chief Strategist at Crowd Favorite. He’s also a daily blogger, a public speaker, and product strategist. He helps companies leverage WordPress, and helps WordPress companies find leverage.

Dave Coveney-Dave Coveney is an aged developer turned businessman, shifting his company in from a one-man enterprise software development consultancy into one specialising in WordPress development and employing other, smarter, people. 13 of us currently working at interconnect/it which is quite scary, really. A strong egalitarian and believer in equality of opportunity I can come across like something of a left wing libertarian communist. That’s part of why I got into open source software and discovered WordPress. Can ramble on when drunk, so it’s a good thing I drink less these days.

David Hayes-David is part of the team at WPShout , a premier
source of WordPress tutorials, news, and more on the internet. He’s
a developer who does a lot of intensive backend server work with PHP
and more, along with a fair bit of JavaScript, and small helping of CSS.

Devin Price-Devin Price is a WordPress developer based out of Austin, Texas. He runs a small theme shop called DevPress, writes about WordPress at WP Theming, and has built a number of popular plugins. He also previously worked with Demand Media to develop sites with partners like USA Today, Samsung, and the Houston Chronicle.

Fabio Torlini-Fabio Torlini is MD for WP Engine. Based in Tech City, his main role is helping WP Engine launch their services into Europe. With over 15 years’ experience in the hosting & cloud industry he has a thorough understanding of all aspects of IT B2B marketing, Branding, PR, Channel and Management. Most notably in his career, Fabio helped build Rackspace to what it has become today – a leader in the cloud industry with revenues of $1.5B.

Franz Vitulli-Franz works as Product Marketing Specialist for Human Made, the WordPress agency – and WordPress.com VIP partner – behind Happytables, WP Remote and BackUpWordPress. He’s responsible for Happytables user support and training, documentation, social updates and other marketing activities.

Jarrett Gucci-Jarrett is the founder and owner of WPfixIt.com, based on the Apple support model of offering instant WordPress support for a flat fee. Since, they have serviced over 10,000 support tickets. Jarrett has taken his passion for people and excitement in technology to create success around him.

Long before he started his own business, hard work and ambition were traits that were well ingrained. By age 25, Jarrett already had been promoted to executive, sales and management positions in the fortune 500 retail industry throughout various parts of the country.

Jason Coleman-Jason is co-author of Building Web Apps with WordPress and Lead Developer
of Paid Memberships Pro, the 100% open source membership plugin for WordPress.
He has been pushing WordPress to its limits for many years and is an advocate
for using WordPress as an application framework to build web sites and apps
that go above and beyond the typical blog of CMS site.

Joe Casabona-Joe Casabona is a Front End Developer at Crowd Favorite and author of the book, Responsive Design with WordPress. He is also a Yankee fan, plays the drums, and enjoys a fine cigar from time to time. You can find him over at casabona.org or on Twitter at @jcasabona.

John Blackbourn-John is a WordPress developer at Automattic. He’s been developing with WordPress for ten years. He was featured as a Recent Rockstar in WordPress 3.3 due to his ongoing contributions to core, and has been on the contributors list of WordPress for most releases in recent years. He led the WordPress 4.1 release cycle.

Julio Potier-Julio is a freelance consultant and co-founder of WP Media. He’s been working with WordPress every day for the last five years and makes his living using the software. He’s a trainer and an experienced WordCamp Speakers, having spoken at WordCamp Paris every year from to, even in Sofia and WordCamp Montreal too.

Justin Sainton-Justin Sainton is the founder of Zao, an agency based near Portland, Oregon.
As a core contributor to WordPress and lead developer for the WP eCommerce
project, Justin believes passionately in the philosophy of open source software.
Working exclusively with WordPress and an array of other open-source technologies, Justin and Zao have provided creative and effective solutions
for a wide variety of companies and associations ranging from Amazon to PayPal to
Pitney Bowes.

Konstantin Obenland-Konstantin is a WordPress developer, and Core contributor based in Southern California. After contributing to Twenty Twelve, he was the backup lead and main developer for Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen, the most recent default themes. At Automattic he’s is part of a team that contributes back to WordPress full time. He enjoys craft beers and good food — sometimes so much that he blogs about it.

Lance Willett-Lance Willett is a web craftsman specialising in client-side development (PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript). He blogs about web development atsimpledream and develops themes and customisation projects at Automattic. He loves WordPress themes and most recently contributed to the Twenty Fifteen default theme in core.

Luke Wheatle-Luke Wheatle is a Platform Owner at News UK, based in London. He’s responsible for building and maintaining our scalable WordPress environment on Amazon AWS. He’s a Digital Technology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire and a web developer at heart. He ‘tries’ to take the acorns of ideas and creatively implement them into fully fledged ‘productionised’, resilient, scalable oak trees.

Mark Jaquith-Mark Jaquith has been working with and contributing to WordPress since 2004.
He is one of the lead developers of the WordPress core and offers freelance
WordPress consulting services through Covered Web Services with a focus on
scaling, security, and custom functionality.

Matt Cromwell-Matt is Brand Ambassador and Support Guru at WordImpress.com.
He’s the author of many free WordPress plugins, a popular blogger at his?website, an admin of the Advanced WordPress Facebook group, co-organizer of the San Diego WordPress Meetup, and a WordCamp
speaker and frequent attender.

Morten Rand-Hendriksen-Morten Rand-Hendriksen built his first website in 1997 and has used the web to
further communication between people ever since. He’s a staff author at lynda.com where he has published 50+ courses on WordPress and front-end development and also teaches web design and development at Emily Carr University of Art and Design.

Sam Hotchkiss-Sam Hotchkiss has been working with WordPress for the last 10 years. Over that time he worked as a freelancer, built both a successful agency and a product business, BruteProtect, which was acquired by Automattic.

Sam now works on the Jetpack team at Automattic and lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with his wonderful wife and their three dogs.

Syed Balkhi-Syed Balkhi is the founder of WPBeginner, the largest free WordPress resource site, with a mission to provide quality tips, tricks, hacks, and other WordPress resources that allows WordPress beginners to improve their sites.

Along with WPBeginner, Syed is the guy behind several popular projects such as List25, OptinMonster, SoliloquyWP, Envira Gallery and many more. Every month over 15 million people visit his websites to discover content and communities that are relevant to them.

Tom Greenwood-Tom Greenwood is the Managing Director of Wholegrain Digital, which was London’s first specialist WordPress agency. Started as a husband and wife business, the team has grown over the years and has worked with brands including M&S, Jamie Oliver and Ecover.

Wayne Mcwilliams-Wayne is a Web Designer / WordPress Developer who has dedicated his career to everything WordPress. He holds a B.F.A. in Computer Graphic Arts from The University of the Incarnate Word where he built his first WordPress theme and never looked back. He joined the WebTegrity team in August where he has been building custom WordPress themes from scratch and teaching private and group classes in WordPress Web Design and Development. He also runs WordPress Development Solutionswhich is an online tutorial resource where he writes articles about current web design trends, WordPress development, SEO techniques, and personal projects/experiences. Follow him on Twitter @WPDevSolutions

If you want to be the best at WordPress, you need to make sure that you are following the conversations around it. One great way to do this is by following those in the know. A list presented above is surly what you need.

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