Things You Should Know When Building A WorldPress Site

Now there are many online website building tips, but when it comes to building personal websites need to pay attention to what matters? Paper, small series from five different aspects of the design of the site to do the next detail, hope you can help being designed users of the site.


Search Box


Website information is a large document, format the site is for the convenience of visitors, so it is important to create a search box, users should always remember that. The variety of information classification, the classification of the search box on the site’s home page, easy to find the information they want visitors. But now many users are not aware of this, they do not realize that a lot of articles no classified inconvenient to find.

I would now recommend a more useful tool for Google Custom Search Engine, through the Google Custom Search Engine, users can add the search box on the home page to help visitors easily find the information they need. How to use this tool? Users simply click on the Google Custom Search New Search Engine Engine on the button, and then according to their need to complete all the steps in the code set up on search results pages.



Navigation System


Frankly, the navigation bar is good or bad relating to the rise and fall site. According to the survey, many owners do navigation results are not very good. For example, some owners use the generic label naming navigation, location and navigation have not put right, some owners will be navigating and other things together dropdown menu.

Preferably the navigation bar on the site’s home page, on the navigation bar description should be clear, the font to be significant, the color should be bright. There is a drop-down menu the user should be used with caution, because there’s something more that disorderly do not know how to describe them, these things will affect the search engines to crawl the site and guidelines.



Site design time do not use a small font. If your site is too small word, no matter how well written content Nobody wants to see, because it is too laborious. To try to moderate the font, color, do not spend too much, we should pay attention to color matching. In use, when to pay attention to the difference between the font between Chinese and English.




Whether human or search engines do not like the layout of the cluttered site. Many website owners are not aware of the seriousness of this problem, they just will themselves know cramming everything on one page, so you created a website unreadable.

If the user does not know how to arrange your own website, then I recommended to use the existing WordPress theme. Elegant Theme to collect a lot of themes, users can choose according to their needs to the topic.


Image Usage


Picture undoubtedly help users improve one way traffic, but this does not mean that users can insert a picture in the article. I found that many users insert the picture too much, leading to the readability of the article are reduced. Of course, rational use of pictures can catch the reader’s eye, increase the readability of the article, but we insert a picture of the ultimate purpose is to allow visitors to obtain valid information through articles Yeah. Therefore, users should be used with caution pictures. Select a picture in the small series suggest that you choose some of the more clear, more bright colors, then more in line with the theme of the picture, the picture should pay attention when placing the article beginning on left-aligned.

Many aspects are related to the above matters writing a blog using WordPress to note, users pay attention to these matters can not attract more visitors, so to increase website traffic WordPress blog, the author aspect must be mindful.

About the author: Magee