Tips On How To Build A WordPress Site From Scratch

After many years of development, WordPress has already become the top choice for many people as a free and open source CMS. Besides its popularity, WordPress also has advantages like high security settings and frequent updates. Right now on this world, a new website is built using WordPress CMS every few minutes.



For many Webmasters, the top priority is to keep your website traffic flow, and to do that, the quality of your website is utmost important. So, how do you build a “high quality” site using WordPress?

#1. Choosing a stable server and a memorable domain

Normally speaking, the top two major traffic incomings are google researches and direct visit (through direct domain name or bookmarks), either way, having a most memorable domain to your website that matches your brand, product or content is most useful. As for servers, a blogger could easily choose a free one on WordPress, but as for business site, it is highly to get a non-share independent server provider.

#2. Properly arrange your WordPress settings and themes.

Soon as you get a Mysql supporting domain, you can start to build your WordPress site. The building process is relatively easy, however do not forget to set up your install location (usually like https://yourdomain/wp-config.php) when uploading your WordPress CMS after your Mysql database was done, plus with your database admin name and password, the prefix of your domain cannot be changed.

When the setup work is done, then it’s time to upload a theme, WordPress themes are used to define your website’s overlook, structure and some features. There are tons of free WordPress themes to choose, but if you are to build a business site, it is best to get a premium theme.

#3.Creating content

Nowadays everybody was talking about content, it seems like after a storm of Google’s updates, the old school style of SEO strategies have pretty much died or dying. Generating good, informative content with your target audience is the right way to boost up your traffic ( and the way Google wants you to do). There’s a lot of articles online on how to write good content, basically with the help of KW tools and your understanding of your audience plus a little bit of patience, your website is bound to go on top.

Basically, it’s relatively easy to setup a site using the most popular CMS service that is WordPress. However, with a astonishing amount of sites being built this way, there’s also a significant amount that died, to keep up the job and always write good content is the hard work that not everbody can keep up to.

About the author: Magee