CDN-One Important Service to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

In the metrics that Google considers to rank a site, the speed is an important one. So, if you are running a site, you’d better make your site load as fast as possible. If you did everything you could to speed up your WordPress site, it time to think about an important service-CDN.

What A CND Is and Why Use CDN

What is CDN

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network, namely content distribution network. The basic idea is to avoid possible bottlenecks and links may affect the data transfer speed and stability of the Internet, content delivery makes the data transfer faster and more stable.


How it Works


By placing a layer composed of the intelligent node in the server based on the existing Internet network in the entire virtual network, CDN system can redirect request to the nearest service node in real time according to the connection, the network traffic load status of each node and the distance to the user, the response time and other comprehensive information on the user’s request. Its purpose is to enable users to get the desired content at the closet node, troubleshooting Internet network congestion situation, improving the response speed of the user to access the site.


So, after we know what A CDN is and why we need to use CDN service, the next thing we may care is which CDN service should we choose. The article below will list some of the most popular CDN services for your choice.

The Most Popular CDN Services


MaxCDN is one of the most popular CDN service providers in the world.

It is very easy to configure the CDN in WordPress, it does not come with your WordPress themes even the business themes, you need to install some WordPress cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache, Super Cache, etc., and then go to the plugin setting page to set up the CDN.


With servers all over the world, users in and around US, UK, China and Australia, etc. can experience its service.


Free Trial: If you use over 15TB a month you can apply for a free MaxCDN trial account. This includes everything that comes with a MaxCDN enterprise account, including unlimited bandwidth, negotiable trial length, all features enabled, and one-on-one setup call.


Pricing: Basic Start Plan comes with 100GB bandwidth for two websites for $9 a month.




CloudFlare is another well-known CDN service. Unlike most CDNs, CloudFlare will never bill you for bandwidth usage, for they believe if the clients’ sites get popular suddenly or suffers an attack, they would not have to dread the bandwidth bill.

Free Trial: CloudFlare offers a basic free plan that includes fast site performance, board security protection and powerful stats about your visitors.


Pricing: Plans start at $20 per month for your first website and $5 per month for each subsequent website.


Some other CDN services

Rackspace Cloud Files: No trial, plans are pay-as-you-go and start at 10 cents for your first terabyte of storage and 12 cents for your first terabyte of CDN bandwidth.


CacheFly : 30-day free trial; and plans start at $99 a month for 256GB bandwidth transfer and 1000MB storage. The expensive charge guarantees the quality of the service: 100 per cent network availability or your money back.


CacheFly’s clients include some famous business such as Microsoft, Adobe and Bank of America. And so on.

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